Weekly Shabbos Curriculum




Planning the Shabbos kids program no longer means a last-minute frantic search on Pinterest or desperate plea on the network. Now, all you have to do is unpack. We ship you a no-prep, fully-planned curriculum for each week that focuses on a theme to bring the parsha or a mitzva to life. Each package comes with easy adaptations for kids of different age groups and backgrounds and includes:

Carefully researched lessons
Interactive activities and discussion starters
Review questions
Themed games
Creative, ready-to-play game boards and game pieces, rov-approved
Online resources and demos for help in advance

Also offered are personalized PR packages for your community.

Kids program has never been so easy - or so fun.

View a sample curriculum here.



Yom Tov Curriculum


No big crowd on Shabbos? No problem. Our separate Yom Tov programs, from Rosh Hashana through Shavuos, are available individually. These one- to two-hour curricula will make the time fly.


Same contents as Shabbos Curriculum.



MCard Incentive System


Give out MCards for participating in various activities, like coming to shul, listening, extra enthusiasm, etc. The children collect their MCards for use in a local auction, raffle, etc.

Learn more about MCards here