How Does It Work?

Accounts and ID Cards

  • Always wanted ID Card?
    Well, now you can have one!

    With Tzivos Hashem CKids, not only does every member get his own full-color, real ID card featuring his photo, he is also assigned a personal account that he can access online through your website and maintain through participation in THCKids affiliated programs anywhere around the world.
  • Use it to earn points and redeem terrific prizes!
    By earning achievement points (see below, “Earning Points”) at camp, Hebrew school, or other Chabad programs, children will work their way toward redeeming terrific prizes! (see below, “Redeeming Points for Prizes”).

How Do I Earn Points?

  • Achievement Cards: “I’m pleased with the way you did that!”
    Counselors and teachers can easily acknowledge positive behavior and specific accomplishments of their campers and students by giving them special achievement cards worth varying amounts of points. The cards can be scanned at any time (see below, “Depositing Points into Accounts”), depositing the respective number of points into the child’s account.
  • Point Grids:“Campers in Bunks 1, 2, and 3 deserve achievement cards for an outstanding bentching! (…but I don’t have 73 achievement cards with me at the moment…)”
    The solution? Point grids! To save time and effort when an entire class, bunk, or large group of children deserve to be awarded the same amount of points for a particular reason, staff can easily select the desired bunks or names and automatically deposit the desired number of points into each account through specially designed staff accounts.

How Do I Deposit Points
Into My Account?

  • Turn Your Computer Into a THCKids Kiosk: Plug in a USB scanner and you’re in business! Connecting a standard scanner to a computer with internet access will allow you to turn your computer into a THCKids kiosk. Children each scan their “credit cards” to access their accounts, then scanning their earned achievement cards to deposit points within the accounts. Scanners can be purchased from Tzivos Hashem or your local retailer.
  • Enter Barcodes Manually:
    No scanner? No problem!

    Children can deposit points into their accounts from home or any other location by manually logging into their accounts via your website and then typing the barcode numbers of their achievement cards into the computer.

How Do I Redeem My Rewards?

  • Online Store: You can stock your online store with the sample prizes listed by default or customize with your own selection. When a child earns the points necessary for a desired prize, he can add it to his “shopping cart,” notifying staff that the selected prize has been requested and purchased. Staff can then deliver the prize to the said child.
  • On-Site Store: You can stock your on-site store with your customized selection of prizes, assigning each prize a barcode number. Children are presented with the opportunity to choose their desired prizes, scanning their ID cards followed by the barcode of the desired prizes. Points will automatically be deducted from the selected account.

What Else Can I Do?

  • All transactions, including cards scanned and prizes purchased, can easily be tracked by the children through their own accounts, as well as by staff through staff accounts.
  • Customizable reports can easily be printed to track the transactions and progress of a specific child or group.