The 2nd GROW course, teaches children in your community Brochos, Kashrus and healthy eating.

It is a 6 week course (one and a half hours each session).

It can be used as an after school enrichment in addition to hebrew school, or as a curriculum in hebrew school or as a mini chefs.

It is ready to start using from the 23rd of Teves (Jan. 4th)

See here a sample lesson from the upcoming course

When you register for this program you will receive:

1) A teachers guides
2) Prepared activities for each session
3) New brochures for this course via email and print.
4) Gift for every child (a Brachos lunch kit)
5) Mitzvah book for every child
6) Teacher training conference call (lookout for details)
7) For newcomers: a GROW banner and 50 regular brochures
8) General marketing material in a drop box can be found right here

See below more details about this specific course