FreedoMan Presents:
A Family Oriented Model Seder
(And Matzah Bakery Game Show)

Dear Shliach/Shlucha,

FreedoMan will take your Model Seder and Matza Bakery to the next level with a video that will keep your audience spellbound!

Package includes:

- 45 minute interactive video program

- FreedoMan Mascot-to run the Seder

- Marketing materials

- A parent’s guide to continue this fun at home

- Pesach mitzvah missions to do as a family.

- Every child that submits their missions gets entered into a raffle to win a local raffle and international raffle.

- Adapted video (taken from the 45 minute one) for a Matza Bakery

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More details:

At the Model Seder

The model seder is a very essential part in giving not only the Hebrew School children, but their parents as well, a meaningful experience that will leave them with an eagerness to replicate this at home.

  • Hands On: Sticking to the theme, every step of the seder will have an engaging activity that will entertain every member of the family and leave the crowd laughing!

  • Visual: Because visuals are one of the greatest facilitators in learning and memory retention, the model seder will be accompanied by an entertaining video that will keep the crowd engaged. We know that you’ve always wanted to do this, so we did the work for you!

At the Matzah Bakery

To add an extra element of entertainment to your matzah bakery, a video with the same games as the Model Seder can be used.

Missions and Raffle:

The model seder will definitely be an inspiration for the family to create a seder at home, but how can you ensure that the family does the mitzvos at home? By using Tzivos Hashem missions that are in the KIDS Magazine, and drawing a raffle for the participants.

Tzivos Hashem is a rank system that applauds children for accomplishing a mission and rewards them for it! The FreedoMan gives every child the opportunity to be part of Tzivos Hashem, and now, they can get their families involved too!

At the end of the model seder, every member of the family will have a variety of Pesach missions to choose from. Every child’s name gets entered into the raffle more times, increasing their possibility of winning!

The raffles will be drawn locally and globally.

  • Local Raffle: After pesach, every child will bring in their family checklist and their name will be entered into the raffle one time per mission. As per the theme, the local raffle will be for a board game of the winners choice, provided by us!

  • Global Raffle: Keeping to the “family oriented” theme, every child will have the opportunity to be entered into a global raffle. This raffle will include all participating communities.

Marketing Materials

Yes! We’ve really done it all for you! With FreedoMan you will be getting materials such as invitations and flyers for your community!

Freedoman Mascot

Every good brand has a mascot, and that’s why we do too! A mascot creates a hands on personality that people, especially children can relate to. FreedoMan is a Lego mascot that brings Pesach to the children. Last year alone, FreedoMan and the pesach missions which “he” presented brought up the mission submissions by over 300%, meaning that over 1,000 children participated! That means that this relatable Lego mascot got over 1,000 children to do mitzvos! Is there anything greater than that?